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Pastor Richard
and Joan Biddle

For information on
"Hope 4 Anger Management & Domestic Violence,"
Call 661-733-0095

or go to:

Pastor Richard and Joan Biddle have been in ministry since 1970. Pastor Joan received her "P H T" degree (putting hubby through) as she supported him through all of his seminary training. They have worked together over the years to reach people who are needy and those who need reconciliation to Christ.

Pastor Richard earned his Associate of Arts Degree, graduated from seminary in theology and earned his bachelor's degree in ministry. He was granted an honorary degree of Dr. of Ministry and completed his Dr. of Philosophy in Biblical Counseling.

Pastor Richard is associated with the following Christian counseling organizations: American Association of Christian Counselors and is also a member of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapy. In 1996, he became a certified member of the domestic violence program, through Anderson and Anderson. In the last several years, Pastor Richard has been teaching "anger management" principles. These principles are based totally on the Word of God "to develop strong families and strong character." As of May 8, 2014, he is a Certified Anger Management facilitator under CAAMP (California Association of Anger Management Providers) and NAMA. For “Hope 4 Anger Management & Domestic Violence,” call 661-733-0095 for information and enrollment.

The mantra for "The Lighthouse Fellowship" is "Believing the Best about You, Praying the Best for You." This is based on their ministry text found in First Corinthians Chapter 13, "The Love Chapter of the Bible." Love believes the best in every situation, and about every individual. This leaves plenty of room for forgiveness and the Bible-kind of love. The mantra is a positive, faith approach proclaiming the best about God and the best about others. This includes changing relationships through harmony and unity based on First Corinthians Chapter 13.

The Biddle's believe in a strong foundation upon which they seek to build strong Christian families, which will result in developing a strong Christian society. They are convinced that the more you include God, and the Lord Jesus Christ, the better families you have, and a stronger social structure will result. This includes raising children the Christian way, based solely on the Word of God. "There is a way that seems right unto man, but the end thereof is the way of death." Man’s way is the opposite of God's way. To be successful is to live God's way and deny your own.


Our Mission Statement:
"We share our commitment as a body,
to be led by The Holy Spirit together in prayer,
to reach out to the community in Evangelism and Fellowship
while nurturing them into Spiritual Growth."

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